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GEO works in developing countries as a nonprofit humanitarian organization combating ear disease through hands-on surgical training of doctors, developing programs in public health, advocating initiatives, developing partnerships with local healthcare organizations, performing ear surgery for the underserved, and striving to prevent avoidable deafness and death..

In the developing world we save lives, in the developed world we improve the quality of life!

“Our Reach
Improving lives and the standard of care. The map below displays countries across the globe that we have impacted.

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GEO Global Advisor

GEO as advisor to other nonprofits developed an ENT clinic-surgical center in Haiti. The project took approximately 18 months and consisted of shipping three 40 foot containers, that had been converted to specifications of the project. The containers were shipped from Wichita Kansas to Port-au-Prince Haiti. Since the earthquake, the country has been short handed and operating rooms hard to come by.This facility it will now bring surgical care too many needy patients in Haiti.

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18th Peruvian Temporal Bone Course
LIMA, Peru

In 2008, Global ENT Outreach embarked on a project to build the first temporal bone lab for teaching purposes in Lima Peru. In collaboration with Dr. Rosa Ampuero of the University of San Marcos, in Lima, Peru, this project was developed. The course is now in its 18th session and as drawn physicians from Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, and Ecuador. Basic surgical anatomy and operative procedures of the middle ear are taught, with instruction in the laboratory and live surgery.

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ORL Paraguay Foundation
ASUNCION, Paraguay

Dr. Terry Liu of Asuncion, Paraguay, has put his vision of improving education to work in Paraguay, with the formation of ORL Paraguay. The foundation in collaboration with the Hospital Clinicas and CBM of Germany, has developed a temporal bone lab and will work with residents training them in ear anatomy. The foundation will also reach out to those with ear disorders who are limited economically.

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Ukraine Otology Foundation

Ukraine is a country hampered by war in it’s Eastern region, however in the West, a progressive young physician, Dr. Roman Fishchuk, has been able to develop “The Hearing Center” and in the future a surgical practice which will treat ear disease. The hearing center has full capabilities of audiologic diagnostic services and it is the only center of its kind outside of the Kiev, the capital. In Ukraine the hammer and chisel are still used as one of its methods in performing ear surgery. Aside from this antiquated method, most of the healthcare system follows the old Soviet style. The challenges are enormous, however due to great determination of the younger generation, changes are underway.

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Feb 15-20 Marshalls
Apr 15-22 Tanzania*
Apr 25-May 22 Ukraine
May 28-June 6 Paraguay**
June 13-16 Cuba
June 25-Jul 3 Peru**
Jul18-22 Ethiopia*
Aug 4-7 WA, D.C.
Aug 19-Sep 2 Marshalls
Oct 2-27 Ukraine
Nov 12-16 Ethiopia
Nov 16-27 Tanzania**
Nov 20-Dec 10 Bolivia


American Samoa January 13-17
Marshall Islands February 1-10
Ethiopia April 1-9
Peru May 8-14
Dominican Republic May 29-4
Ethiopia June 26-1
Bolivia August 7-14
Paraguay** August 14-20
Honduras August 22-30
Mongolia September 28-10
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Ecuador Dec
Bone Course **
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