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GEO is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that works in developing countries to combat ear disease. GEO in an effort to eliminate avoidable deafness treats patients through hands-on surgical training of Ear, Nose and Throat doctors, public health education, improved access to quality ear care, advocacy, partnerships with local healthcare organizations, and ear surgical services for the underserved.

In the developing world we save lives, in the developed world we improve the quality of life!

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Although Ukraine is hampered by war in the east, Dr. Roman Fishchuk, M.D. has been able to develop the hearing center in the western part of the Ukraine. The center has full capabilities in providing audiology diagnostic services to those affected with hearing loss. In partnership with global ENT outreach, Dr. Fishchuk has been able to provide surgical services in the country that has only a handful of doctors doing ear surgery. The use of the hammer and chisel is still one of the methods used to perform ear surgery in the Ukraine. Aside from improving the educational process in surgical training, GEO and UFO are trying to advance the country away from the old Soviet medical system. The challenges are enormous, but the determination even greater to make change.
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GEO in its comprehensive advisory role to other nonprofits, advised the CBM office in Port au Prince, Haiti, with the development of a ENT clinic and as well operating theater. The project which took 18 months of development, consists of three shipping containers that were converted to meet the needs in Haiti. Due to a lack of infrastructure since the earthquake, the country has been shorthanded with respect to its ability to manage patient care, mainly with respect to surgery. Clinic in a Can, from Wichita, Kansas, retrofitted the shipping containers to a state-of-the-art facility.
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GEO, in collaboration with Dra. Rosa Ampuero from the University of San Marcos, will offer the 17th temporal bone course in November 2016. The course began in 2008 and has trained well over 150 residents as well as physicians in both Peru and other surrounding Andian countries. The course focuses on ear anatomy followed by basic surgical procedures of the ear. Live surgery as well as a short introductory course on cochlear implants comprises a component of this course.
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Dr. Terry Liu of Asuncion, Paraguay, has put his vision of improving education to work in Paraguay, with the formation of ORL Paraguay. The foundation in collaboration with the Hospital Clinicas and CBM of Germany, has developed a temporal bone lab and will work with residents training them in ear anatomy. The foundation will also reach out to those with ear disorders who are limited economically.