The work of Global ENT Outreach is based on strong partnerships and institutional support at our headquarters in Washington. GEO's work as a nonprofit, focusing on the delivery of quality ear care in developing countries, benefits from longstanding ties to leaders in the medical community, corporations helping to advance the humanitarian cause in global medicine, medical school residency training programs, teaching hospitals, professionals dedicated to the global cause of hearing loss and prevention, and NGO's like CBM. These alliances enable us to translate our lived experience serving the sick into clinical and educational training paradigms, programs, and policies that restore the potential for those who are afflicted by ear disease.

This collaboration among our partners described above is a new and fruitful model for leveraging the resources of the worlds leading institutions to inspire, enlist, and train others to address the pressing health inequalities of our times. Working alongside professionals from partner countries, our doctors at each of our project sites, provide care to patients and train colleagues at all levels, while we advocate on behalf of those we serve.

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