Global ENT Outreach (GEO) is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation headquartered in Washington State, with international offices in Bolivia, Paraguay, London, Urkaine, Peru, and Ethiopia. GEO’s development ideology and programs are determined by the Advisory Board and are developed and managed by our three member Board of Directors, and guided by recommendations from International Advisors. It is GEO's Advisory Board that is the strength that guides us in what we do.

Derald Brackman, MD - California, USA
Rosa Ampuero, MD - Lima, Peru
Terry Liu, MD - Asunci
ón, Paraguay
Misha Verkerk, M.D - London, England
Nega Kiros, MD - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Dr. G. Danesi, MD is the director of the Department of ENT and Microsurgery-Skull Base at Papa Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo, Italy. He earned his medical degree in Italy, followed by specialized training at the Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and under Dr. Ugo Fisch. Dr. Danesi is an internationally recognized skull base surgeon, lecturer, and director of the Skull Base Project in Italy. He has traveled extensively with GEO to Honduras, El Salvador, and Ethiopia.
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Dr. Mike Hoa, MD is an assistant professor at Georgetown University  Department of Otolaryngology and works as a Neurotologist. He completed college and medical school at Boston University School of Medicine and completed a Neurotology fellowship at the House Clinic. He has traveled on multiple missions to Cambodia and Peru with GEO and strongly believes in GEO's mission to impart surgical knowledge and skills to local providers to improve the level of care provided to patients in the countries served by GEO."
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Dr. Ashkan Monfared, MD is currently on faculty at George Washington University Department of Otolaryngology in Washington, DC as Neurologist. He received his medical school training, residency, and Neurotology fellowship training at Stanford University. Since joining GEO in 2006 he has traveled to Ethiopia El Salvador, Peru, and American Samoa, and is very active in developing residency training and academic programs in developing countries. Also see Dr. Monfared at or at
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Dr. Marta Sandoval, MD is an assistant professor of the Universitat de Barcelona. She is working at the Hospital Sant Joan Despí - Moisès Broggi, in Barcelona, and the Hospital Quiron Barcelona.  Dr. Sandoval is instrumental in development and planning for GEO Europe where she holds the position of GEO Europe Director. She attended medical school in Barcelona where she received her doctorate of medicine and as well her PhD. Since joining GEO in 2008 she has traveled to El Salvador, Cambodia, American Samoa, Ethiopia and Tanzania. 
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Dr. Richard Wagner, MD is the founder of Global ENT Outreach and acting director. He graduated from University of Southern California School of Medicine in Los Angeles, CA and completed his residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, New York. Dr. Wagner has an extensive background in treating chronic ear diseases in the developing countries and travels extensively performing middle ear surgery for GEO. His area of interest is in educational program development and creating sustainable projects in developing countries in Otology.
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Dr. Charles Weingarten, MD is in private practice in Chicago, Illinois. He received his medical education at Tulane University in Louisiana and residency at Northwestern in Chicago, Illinois. He has been an attending at Northwestern for numerous years and has a vast background of experience in treating chronic ear disease. He has traveled to Ecuador, Ethiopia, American Samoa, and El Salvador with GEO. In 2006 he was elected to the board and brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to GEO.
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Dr. Eric Wilkinson, MD received his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University, attended Stanford University School of Medicine, and completed his fellowship at The House Ear Clinic. After a decade at the House Ear Clinic he transitioned to private practice in Boise, Idaho. Eric is the lead author on the recent book "Brain Stem Implants". His academic interests include acoustic neuroma, cochlear implantation, chronic ear disease, surgery of the lateral skull base, and stapes surgery.