In this section of our website, as well as on pages related to specific topics, GEO intends to present suggestions for books, articles, films and other sources of information that might be of interest to people who share our commitment to ear disease. These are not GEO publications, nor does their appearance on this list imply that we endorse or agree with everything they say. What it does mean is that at least some of us found them informative, thought-provoking and, we hope, action-inspiring on matters of vital importance to the patients and communities where we work. This list is very much a work in progress that will grow over time to include more topics and titles.
WHO - World Health Organization online resources

arrow_r Hearing Loss and Prevention Training Manual (Manuals) There are a total of four manuals dedicated to hearing loss and prevention. Manuals start out at the basic level, student level, advanced level, and trainers level manual. These are an excellent collection for those interested in teaching hearing loss and prevention programs.
Source: WHO online resources

arrow_r-2 Drug Ototoxicity This is an informal report by the WHO which is online and which is in pdf format and downloadable. It deals with the physiology of ototoxicity, epidemiology, risk factors, and management as well.
Source: WHO online resources

arrow_r-3 Noise Induced Hearing Loss This is an informal report by the WHO which is online and which is in pdf format and downloadable. It deals with the medical and social aspect of hearing loss.
Source: WHO online resources

arrow_r-4 Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Services in Developing Countries This is a formal report in pdf format by the WHO which recommends the guidelines for the development of hearing aid services in developing countries and includes the development of programs and the needed resources for a successful program.
Source: WHO online resources

arrow_r-5 Prevention of Hearing Loss From Chronic Otitis Media This is one of the best reports on chronic otitis media that I have read. It covers epidemiology, natural history of the diseease, detection, monitoring, training and research on chronic otitis media. Format is in pdf.
Source: WHO online resources

American Academy of Otolaryngology online resources

arrow_r-6 Primary Care Otolaryngology (Book) This is a concise and informative online handbook for both medical students and primary practioners,and nurses. It provides significant material which should provide the reader with a basic knowledge of ENT.
Source: American Academy of Otolaryngology online resources

Other online resources

arrow_r-7 Baylor-Otology & Neurotology Grand Rounds This website is dedicated to grand rounds in Otology and Neurotology at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. It is an excellent resource for information on a variety of topics and lectures.
Source: BCM Otology- Neurotology Archives

arrow_r-8 LION - Live Internet Otology Network This website is an excellent source of information on ear disease and is presented in video format with presentations, discussions, and live surgery on video.
Source: LION