The core Mission of Global ENT Outreach is to promote education of physicians across borders and sustainability of ENT surgical services in otology via the flow of volunteer physicians, nurses and other medical professionals to countries where there is a need to provide desperately needed capacity building and direct medical services to populations ravaged by disease and inadequate medical care. GEO actively pursues this mission by encouraging individuals to volunteer their time and expertise to this critical humanitarian cause. GEO partners with carefully screened medical organizations, NGO's, governments, and hospitals worldwide and matches their needs with our abilities and list of professionals. Our goal is to make the volunteering experience a valuable, safe and gratifying one.

In order to provide medical services to historically under-served nations, Global ENT Outreach orchestrates efforts that depend on the commitment and expertise of the healthcare community. The commitment we require, however, is a reasonable and flexible one, designed to allow for the widest range of potential volunteers, while also providing opportunities for sustained obligation.

It is our vision that, through the goodwill and skill of volunteers and the support of donors, we can make a difference where it counts the most. Join Global ENT Outreach in our critical mission of providing desperately needed education and humanitarian relief to the people of some of the world's most neglected communities. Apply.

Volunteer opportunities exist on the following levels:

Medical students: Opportunities for medical students are numerous and depending on the year in medical school, we can help you find a location to satisfy your needs and interests. The list below is an example of what is available. It is our belief that this experience will broaden both your personal and professional lives, raising the standard of care for those in need who you will assist.

ENT Residents: We encourage residents in all years of training, especially those interested in Otology, to join us.

Otology Fellows: Fellows in Otology training programs are encouraged to apply and join us as a support otologist in one of our active programs where exposure to chronic ear disease and advanced otologic middle ear procedures is our focus.

ENT physicians, nurses, audiologists, others: Depending on your skills and experience there are always opportunities to get involved with GEO. The best way to find out is to write us and explore the possibilities.

Volunteer locations:

In the city of Trinidad, on the eastern side of the Andes, Fundacion Totai ( has the capacity to host medical students interested in ENT or international health. Dentists, medical doctors, and ENT are in the clinic full time providing care as well as visiting physicians.

The Hospital Dos de Mayo ENT Department, in Lima, Peru, provides an inner city public hospital setting where the student can see first handed the diseases that affect the poor and under-served in developing countries. Rotations from 1-4 weeks are available.

In Asuncion, the vibrant capital of Paraguay, GEO partners with Foundation ORL and Dr. Terry Liu. Working with Paraguayan residents, visiting doctors will spend time at the Hospital Clinics experiencing health care delivery in this country and as well have the opportunity to visit rural clinics.

American Samoa
LBJ Tropical Medical Center, a 150 bed hospital with an active ENT department treats the islands population who suffer from a high incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The incidence of chronic ear disease runs around 10%. This is an opportunity for a resident with ear surgical experience or a fellow in otology for a period of 2 weeks.