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Honduras is a country of six and a half million people in the middle of Central America. There is an enormous amount of poverty, malnutrition, substandard housing, as well as lack of access to health care. Also there is a lack of adequately trained and skilled specialists.

In 2001, Hospital Escuela, the only medical school in Honduras, started their own Otolaryngology training program. In January of 2005 they graduated their first class. The effort by the government to train specialists in Honduras rather than outside the country will help place specialists in those underserved rural areas, which lack much needed specialty care.

Global ENT, through its association with the ENT department at the Hospital Escuela and the Central Rotary Club of Tegucigalpa, has provided service to the Honduran people. At the medical school a coordinated project to start a temporal bone lab was accomplished in 2003.

Global ENT Outreach with its partners, has achieved its goals to improve education. Patients are examined by local ENT doctors and this allows us to concentrate on and maximize our efforts in delivering care and also in educating the local ENT surgeons and residents.

For those who might be interested in knowing more about the program please contact
Dr. Pazzetti.