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Cambodia is a largely rural country of 13.4 million people, with a long and rich history. While still emerging from decades of war and internal political instability, the country has made great strides and is now peaceful, with economic and human development indicators showing steady improvement. Parliamentary elections are held every five years, most recently in 2008. Poverty alleviation and governance are increasingly important items on the Government’s agenda.

Between 1975-1979 the Khmer Rouge government of Cambodia carried out a genocide that killed over two million Cambodians. Over 90% of the professional class of Cambodia was exterminated and this included the doctors throughout the country. As a result there is a shortage of ENT and along with skilled surgeons who can perform ear surgery in a much needed environment.

Global ENT Outreach in partnership with the British Foundation IMPACT UK has been developing a program to rebuild education and infrastructure with the counterpart IMPACT CAMBODIA team. To date a temporal bone lab with three stations has been erected, along with a telemedicine journal club monthly. Every six months GEO sends a group of three team members to Phnom Penh, where they run an intensive ear course with lectures and didactic teaching in the operating room.

The Cambodian program is a true capacity building model that strives to create a sustainable program, rebuilding Cambodia’s educational and infrastructure at the same time for the future.

International opportunities for medical students, residents, and ENT specialists to travel to Cambodia are available. If you have an interest in going to Cambodia, please feel free to contact us at