Our Work

Global ENT Outreach has a variety of different approaches to helping combat the Global shortfalls with respect to ear disease. In over 25 developing countries, Global ENT Outreach has developed sustainable programs in education and outreach missions to help the underserved who are afflicted by devastating ear disease.

Our main focus is to educate ENT physicians, So that they can acquire the needed skills to perform safe and effective ear surgery. At the same time our projects touch upon the underserved, who in many communities do not have access to ear surgery.

Second to the above, we have taken an advisory role in helping develop curriculums for ENT residency programs, help design temporal bone labs, advise in the formation of nonprofit organizations in developing countries who focus on ear disease, and build infrastructure period.

In the following pages as you read, you'll be able to view a few of the countries which we have worked in.